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Safe Kids Now

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"Safe Neighborhoods Program" for City Leaders

INTRODUCTORY OFFER for a LIMITED TIME to strengthen families - BUILDING BLOCKS FOR SAFER CITIES! Safe Kids Now and The CARR Foundation offer training materials for community leaders (civic, religious leaders, crime prevention leaders and business people) to create safer, healthier neighborhoods for families, neighbors and children. Safe Neighborhoods Program includes...Mission, Purpose, Pre/Post test, Crime Quiz, The Adopt-A-Block Guidebook, Survey, Educators/Facilitators Training, Power Point Presentation, 100 booklets for your audience and 2 CD's

My First Steps

Adopt A Block Guidebook

 The Adopt-A-Block Guidebook sends a message that we care about you, your family and children. When people get connected, they can build relationships and trust. Your group, an individual, or organization can help any community stay safe and secure to help create a healthy environment for everyone. 

The Safe Kids Now Show!

SAFE KIDS NOW! Children will not be victims if adults know what to do and how to do it. What you need to know to keep children safe at home, at school, in the neighborhood and in the community.

Alternative to Fear: Guidelines for Safer Neighborhoods

Why citizens are more effective in PREVENTING crime than police! How 10 citizens changed community attitudes from passive to COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION and ACTION to stop local youth vandalism, burglaries and drug abuse! What citizens did in one community (pop.

Street Safe Kids: 10 step guide to stay centered & develop self-esteem

 10 step guide to help youth take charge of their future and stay centered. Centered children DON'T bully or become easy victims - They use their instincts, intuition and conscience to stay safe and healthy - They have the inner strength to avoid drugs, violence, self-destructive behavior - YOU can help one child or a group of children discover the power of courage, character, and conscience!

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