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What People are saying about "Adopt-A-Block!"


"Here at last is a down to earth, do it yourself guide to community organizing, that will empower any group of neighbors to make positive change in their neighborhood. The instructions are simple but powerfully effective and accessible to all." Dr. Kimberly Duir, Assistant Clinical Professor, Family & Community Medicine University of California


“Community involvement is at the foundation of our progress as a country. Putting these tools to use locally will be a powerful step forward.” Judge John C. Minney - Superior Court of the State of California (Retired)


“A great ‘Community Policing’ resource; one that offers a map to retaining and keeping your neighborhoods striving towards the quality of life they deserve!”Commander Tom Milner – Newark, CA Police Department


“The Adopt-A-Block guidelines are so timely for our society today to help implement the old adage 'I am my brothers keeper'. It is a tool that can be used to regain our neighborhoods and strengthen our communities.” Dr. Barbara J. Williams ThD - Relationship Trainer


"People are social beings who have a natural tendency to take care of each other.  The Adopt-A-Block Guidebook reminds us how important it is to build on this caring aspect of human nature in order to replace fear, distress and isolation with supportive communities in which all can thrive."  Marilyn Langlois - Community Advocate, Office of the Mayor – Richmond CA


“It takes a whole village to raise a child. There has been a whole lot of talking with very little walking.  Community involvement is paramount to touch and save our children.  When it comes to community, all of God’s children are valuable and deserve to be cultivated in a collective way…we are each other’s neighbor.” Fred Jackson, Coordinator Neighborhood House, Richmond CA.

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