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Recorded 3/26- 5 critical steps: Writing a successful grant proposal

Writing a Successfully Funded Grant Proposal-5 Critical Steps to get funded


Writing a proposal is easy. Managing a funded proposal is challenging. If your proposal is funded, then managing what your proposal says you will do becomes easier. What are the five critical areas in writing to get funded that you need to consider? Join us on Monday, March 26, and find out. Sher Graham will share her experiences and give us the five critical elements


 CALL IN:  515-739-1022 code 462489# Ref. 51#  

March 28 - GUEST SPEAKER, Sher Graham has been involved in nonprofit fund development since the 1960s. She began her volunteer fund-raising with the local Special Olympics team and hasn’t stopped volunteering her time or knowledge with nonprofits and community agencies in fund development and getting programs, services and campaigns funded. A Kent State University graduate, she is the EVP, NeuroBehavior for The Synergy Solutions Group in Mobile, AL. Today, her volunteer commitment is serving as Chair of the South Alabama Mental Wellness Conference, developing a Trauma-Informed Community Network.  Sher has received awards for her advocacy work and commitment to creating healthier and peaceful communities.



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