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Safe Kids Now

A National Network

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All Lives Matter-Safe Kids Now Offers Solutions

Ferguson, MO and killings of black people in the U.S. have sparked conflicts and demonstrations nationwide. With PDF grantee, Safe Kids Now, we believe all lives matter. Safe Kids Now is working with community leaders to help create a healthy relationship between citizens and police.
Stephanie Mann of Safe Kids Now says, "Citizen involvement can stop social isolation, anger and fear that create gangs and 'lone wolf' behavior that fuels terrorism. Criminals, gangs, drug dealers, domestic violence and child abuse thrive in disconnected neighborhoods. When we work together to make family support the number one priority in every city, children will be safer and healthier!"
Their new Safe Neighborhoods Program for Community Leaders is available to any community, civic or church leader concerned about health and safety. Involving teens and concerned citizens, this program can bring people together, and prevent violence.

Safe Kids Now thanks You for Your Support!

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