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Safe Kids Now

A National Network

Our Vision

Every child deserves a safe neighborhood.

Our Mission

To restore the HEART of the community to protect youth.


Join our FREE National Network to keep kids safe. Meet like-minded new friends on our monthly SKN teleconference call and newsletter. We will help you share your mission! Together organizations and individuals are speaking out to protect and empower youth!

Empowerment Parenting by Stephanie Mann
Empowerment Parenting" available in hardcover, soft cover and Kindle the first week of January on Amazon. We will post a date in 2018 with a special offer for SKN members.
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Upcoming Events

Jan. 29- GUEST SPEAKER, Monica Martin has been a youth and women’s movement advocate for many years, and has been involved with 4PositiveKnowledge since 1997, a program of Street Positive.

Terry Boykins discusses the V TAX (violence/sex). How to change the American culture! Terry has many awards for his work across the US. Child abuse and neglect cost taxpayers, $200,000,000 A DAY!

All Lives Matter-Safe Kids Now Offers Solutions

Mental Wellness Impacts Families and Community Economic Development. YOU are invited! September-Family, Kids and Community Resources in Mobile, AL. For more infor contact: SKN member, Sher Graham, 251-404-3924

Every weekend, Stephanie Mann will answer questions about child, home, family, neighborhood and city safety. Submit your question to

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Safe Kids Now! Founder

Stephaine Mann

Stephanie Mann - Author, Violence Prevention Consultant (39 years)

The Adopt-A-Block Guidebook - Download ebook $5 donation

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