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Safe Kids Now

A National Network

Our Vision

Every child deserves a safe neighborhood.

Our Mission

To restore the HEART of the community to protect youth.


Join our FREE National Network to keep kids safe. Meet like-minded new friends on our monthly SKN teleconference call and newsletter. We will help you share your mission! Together organizations and individuals are speaking out to protect and empower youth!

Street Safe Kids:10 Steps to empower youth and/or adults!
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Upcoming Events

SKN Teleconference Call recorded 7/25-Call 712-432-0375 code 462489 Ref#36 Barbara discusses how Calm Waters Center supports families and children. Serving Oklahoma City.Thank you, Barbara Butner, for sharing about grief and loss!

BEDS available for victims in Pennsylvania. If you need help, contact us at for more information. 

STREET SAFE KIDS author, Stephanie Mann, will conduct a "Back to School Safety Workshop" at Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Dublin, CA on August 7th. Another workshop is planned in Emeryville. Date to be announced.

Safe Kids Now! Founder

Stephaine Mann

Stephanie Mann - Author, Violence Prevention Consultant (39 years)

The Adopt-A-Block Guidebook - Download ebook $5 donation

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