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JUST PUBLISHED ON EZINEARTICLES -"Centered Kids Can Handle Bullies and Other Challenges!"

SERIES TO KEEP KIDS SAFE - "A Topic To Discuss With Children" - Helping adults keep children safe!


Read on our blog: "The American Spirit is Alive and Well!"


New Article: "National Priority: Protect Children" - Just posted on our Blog!

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Our Vision: Every child deserves a safe neighborhood
Our Mission: To restore the HEART of the community to protect youth.

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Just off the press!
"My First Steps To A Safe Neighborhood"

Safe Kids Now!, in partnership with the CARR Foundation has created a booklet for police, health workers, insurance agents, etc which they can put in their pocket and hand out to victims so criminals don't return to the neighborhood.

We have made it easy for people to say, "No more crime in our neighborhood!"

Available in two sizes - CLICK HERE to go to the CARR store to place your order!

Now Available
"DVD For City Leaders"

"Thanks for your DVD.terrific starting point. I am overwhelmed with the thoughts of how this program will redefine our communities, homes and most important the mindset of our City! We are ready to change Prichard for the better forever!" - Mayor Troy L. Ephriam, Prichard, AL


Are you concerned about child safety? Violence? Bullies? Drugs? Sex offenders? Vandals? Molesters? Gangs?

  • Do YOU have the neighborhood support you need to keep your child safe?
  • Are city neighborhoods safe for children to play and develop self-confidence?

Our Executive Director, Stephanie Mann and Program Director, Dr. Barbara Williams, along with our board members, invite you to join our network to help make cities safe for everyone.

We all have awesome talents and abilities to create change.

Join Safe Kids Now - Here are some ways to learn, grow and become a leader!

  1. Be a Guest on our Radio Show
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  3. Be an Area Representative
  4. Join our teleconference calls – Last Monday of the month.

Safe Kids Now is a volunteer organization. We offer tools, coaching and encouragement to help neighbors speak up for youth in their community.

If you are already involved and belong to a youth organization, share your expertise. Let’s network and encourage others to create safe, healthy, peaceful cities! Involvement strengthens families and protects children.

New National Network
"The Power of One"

Safe Kids Now! Representatives: A variety of ways to educate the public on how to keep kids safe! Many ways to bring people together. Learn about our SKN! State Reps HERE.

Concerned about
Drugs? Violence? Gangs? Predators?
Teach children how to stay centered and safe!
Work with one child or 15 kids.
Winter Special!!

Three books for the price of two!
Street Safe Kids, Adopt-A-Block
and Alternative to Fear
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